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100 Tabs Sachet 10 Mg / Tabs
Oxazone ( Oxandrolone ) produced by the Alphazone Pharma brand. There are 100tabs in a box. There are 10Mg doses per Tabs, the total is 1000Mg doses. Oxazone 10 is used by female and male bodybuilders as an oral...
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Buy Anavar , Oxandrolone For Women and Men

Anavar Oxandrolone stimulates the phosphocreatine synthesis in the muscle cell and causes a strong strength gain without releasing fluids into the muscles. Athletes and bodybuilders who do not want to enter the higher weight class benefit and prefer this because they get stronger at the same time without gaining body weight. If you want to achieve such a result as a bodybuilder, Buy legit anavar from the USA and UK.

The combination of 20-30 mg Halotestin daily with Anavar has proven to be very effective in making muscles look stiffer. Similarly, good results can be obtained by taking Oxandrolone and 120-140 mcg Clenbuterol simultaneously daily. You can achieve good results by creating such an anavar cycle.

Anavar is a weak steroid with a mild androgenic component. Thanks to this feature, male athletes and female athletes are in the 1st place during the preference. Especially women prefer motherland thanks to its mild androgenic component. Oxandrolone has not been observed to have any side effects when taken in reasonable dosages.

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