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Anadrol (Oxymetholone)

Posted on07/25/2020 by

History of Anadrol

Initially, Oxymetholone famously known as Anadrol or A50 was brought to life by Zoltan pharmaceuticals, which is no longer in existence. In the 60s the drug was given to kids, I guess it was due to ignorance and possibly they had no other alternative. It was used in patients with muscle growth due to malnutrition and growth problems. It was also given to patients with osteoporosis and anemia; it was not long before they discovered that patients who received treatment with this drug were having a severe side effect that comes with it like liver problems due to the harshness of the drug before an alternative drug was discovered to be its replacement.

In bodybuilding, thanks to Dan Duchaine Anadrol gain its popularity. You can call him the father of modern underground steroid movement. He suggested Anadrol as a cheaper alternative to Dianabol. There were even rumors that he self-injected this drug while brewing it in his own house.

The Anabolic and Androgenic Ratio

For you to really get what this is about you have to first understand how anabolic steroids are screened for activity. A known fact is that anabolic steroids are a derivative of testosterone whose activity is of two types:

Muscle-building anabolic

Non-muscle, male sex hormone-related activities androgenic

The primary goal of the researcher was to build a compound with a high muscle building capacity and a very low androgenic activity. This was quantified using the anabolic/androgenic ratio (A/A ratio). The idea was not to produce a compound that was strongly anabolic but rather one with the highest possible A/A ratio. Now one must understand that the market for steroids is not only roamed by the bodybuilders and athletes but also by people suffering from different diseases that resulted in catabolism or weakness, patients recovery from surgery or injury, and this includes both men women and children. It was, therefore, necessary to avoid any virilizing effect when giving such people anabolic treatment, an agent with a very low A/A ratio was needed.

To set this in motion scientist used a test called rat levator ani assay.

In this test they used two groups of castrated rats; this was so that the test would not be influenced by the natural androgen levels. The first group receives placebo (controlled group) while the second was given steroids, after several days to weeks, the rats are sacrificed. Three organs are then taken from them and weighed in comparison to those given the placebo (the seminal vesicles, ventral prostate, and levator ani muscle).

A standard was used to create a landmark for the results. The differences in weights for the seminal vesicles and ventral prostate represent the androgenic activity, while the difference in the weight of the levator ani muscles in the control and active group represent the anabolic activity.

Many great drugs never made it to the market because they fell off the cart. There are also many anabolic steroids that did not make it because their A/A ratio was too high. In other words, there were too androgenic. Apparently, this is not too much of a problem to male bodybuilders and athletes, but for females, doctors and patients in the clinical settings for which they were developed, too much androgenic activity is a definite no.

A/A ratio of Anadrol: Anabolic-320 and Androgenic- 45.

HowAnadrol Works

Like any other anabolic steroid, bad thing may occur if Anadrol is taking out of dosage. It has been shown to increase the gain of strength twice as much as those who are not taking it but only when taken in dosage. It has also shown to change the composition of the body to be more densely packed with muscles.

In regards to the use of Anadrol in bodybuilding, its positive results by far surpass the side effects, especially for those looking for really fast and extreme gains. One might have heard different comparisons like: “A-bombs are three times as anabolic as testosterone” or “Compared to Dianabol, Anadrol offers far more bulk weight.” With most of the anabolic steroids, such comparisons actually make no sense because the effects cannot be measured in objective terms, and are mostly subjective. However, when it comes to Anadrol, no comparison will pose as an overstatement – it is more effective than anything else out there.

Anadrol is by far the most powerful oral anabolic steroid available, which means that if you are after volume and mass – it should be your number one choice. Unlike most dihydrotestosterone derivatives, Anadrol does not give a well-defined and hard musculature. What it gives, is volume together with extreme strength.

For this reason, it is mostly preferred by athletes competing in sports where power and mass are priorities, like powerlifting. They use Anadrol stacked with other steroids in order to add a bit of hardness to the muscles when we talk about bodybuilders. Generally, it works like other anabolic steroids, promoting gains, increased strength and enhancing protein synthesis. We all know that red blood cell count is of importance to athletes this is why we can find athletes today who do blood doping, mostly endurance athletes. This is where Anadrol comes in as it increases the production of red blood cells in the body.

Dosages of Anadrol

Anadrol comes only in oral form and I know I mentioned Duchaine was injecting it, sorry to burst your bubbles but that’s not a common administration pathway for the drug. In its most common form Anadrol survives the first-pass of the liver due to the modification at the 17th-carbon position, what I mean is that one can take it orally without worrying about losing the product.

Dosage for men is usually 50-100mgs daily

For women, Mr. Duchaine suggested 10mg daily but one cannot say because it was only tried on his bodybuilding and fitness girls. Females are generally advised not to use this drug because of its strong virilizing symptom coupled with other side effects.

Expectations and Results from the Dosage

Since Anadrol is considered by many to be among the most potent oral anabolic steroid widely available, users can expect to gain some over the top dramatic amounts of mass and strength on even the lowest Anadrol doses. It is most certainly not uncommon for beginners; take for instance, within only several uses, to add 20 – 30 pounds of mass on a bulk. Definitely, much of the weight can be credited to the water weight retained as a result of the Estrogenic effects of Anadrol. Because Anadrol is mostly used as a bulking agent, this is usually of very little concern for the user in comparison to desired gains. It is essential for any potential user, however, to realize that the rapid gains produced by such strong anabolic steroids as Anadrol are usually responsible for tendon as well as connective tissue tears during training due to rapid strength gains – Anadrol is often a regular culprit for such incidences. This is because, while the muscle itself may grow in mass, enough to generate higher power resulting in more strength, this is not the case for connective tissue and tendons. Connective tissue and tendons strengthen and grow at a far less rapid rate even in the face of anabolic steroids, compared to muscle tissue. Due to this, the strength and force generated by the muscle tissue can result to overloading of the capacity that the connective tissues can handle, and the end is a torn connective tissue. This is straightforward evidence that it is possible for athletes to gain too much too fast more than the body can take. This is especially the reality for beginners who have only been weightlifting for a short period of time before they make the impatient and hasty decision to use anabolic steroids – to those who fall into this category, it's only wise that you at least be warned.

The Half-life of Anadrol

The half-life of Anadrol is about 9hours so for maximum results you can split your intake to twice daily. Always split in AMs and PMs.

Cost and Ease of Access

It is very easy to find this drug on the black market at a very cheap rate. An examples being that an underground lab sold this drug at 40$ for a six weeks cycle at 50mg daily. Reasonable enough I guess.

As stated before it is a very powerful steroid, which makes it more popular among athletes looking for extreme strength and mass. Due to water retention, it gives the user a very puffy and massive look. However, it does bring along a lot of side effects like any other steroid. It is a very powerful steroid indeed but one which requires experience and good planning for a good and sustainable result.


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